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Weave Essentials

Everyday Basics Kitchen Tea Towel 10 Pc (Blue/Red)

Everyday Basics Kitchen Tea Towel 10 Pc (Blue/Red)

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What Makes Our Product Unique

HIGHLY DENSE - This kitchen towel will become your everyday essential due to its high quality density. This product has been designed for far functionality and high class cleaning. This dish cloth has a classic check design and it's great for absorbing spills in the kitchen.

 HIGHLY VERSATILE - Hanging Loop makes it more versatile and practical due to its perfect size (50x70cm) for your everyday use. Highly recommended for High street busy kitchens, bars and restaurants.

HIGHLY EFFICIENT - Ease yourself with our high absorbent kitchen towel.  These absorbent kitchen cloths are perfect for the busy cooks who requires them frequently for high volume restaurants, cafes or any commercial kitchens.

Efficient: Polish your utensils with our Professional Dish Cloth to give you an elegant look, these kitchen towels are designed to keep your kitchen pristine and clean at all times, totally scratch-resistant, Let our dish cloth leaves a lasting shine impression on your cutlery or crockery - for the highest quality hospitality.

Certified - Our Kitchen Towels are MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX certified, which are traceable products that have been manufactured in environmental friendly facilities under safe and socially responsible working conditions. This shows that this product is a smart-choice meeting high safety and standards.        

          Towel form type:  Hand Towel

          Size: Hand & Kitchen Tea Towel Set (pack of 12)

          Material: Cotton

          Fabric Type: Cotton

          Brand: Weave Essentials
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