are dry bathrobes worth it

Are Dry Robes Worth It- Buy Or Not To Buy?

It has been a long debate whether or not the bath robes are worth the limelight or the high price. With the advent of luxury and premium clothing, the bath experience is no longer ordinary. Like other clothing ranges, the bathrobes have been equally fashioned and styled with modern trends. Not only are they designed modern, they are also made with exclusivity in fabric and comfort. More comfortable or luxuriated the bathrobe is, the more pricey it becomes.
But are dry robes worth the high prices? This is a long debate, and everyone has their perspective. But they have something in common. Let’s solve this mystery of the bathrobe's worth. 

What Makes A Bathrobe Expensive? 

A high price bathrobe is generally considered a high-quality bathrobe. Highly-priced bathrobes are usually made with premium quality fabric, adding to their softness and durability. 

Bathrobes are usually expensive because they are made with twist technology weave, making the overall bathrobe lightweight and soft. They are made with premium silk or Turkish cotton. Brands use dies which are heat resistant and do not fade with time. The same goes for the bathrobe's softness. High-price bathrobes do not lose their gentle touch on multiple washings or get stiff. Plus, using absorbent material for the crafting further adds to the overall price. 

What Makes Dry Bathrobes A Must Have? 

Bathrobes or dry robes are long toweling dressing gown wear that can be worn after showers, post-exercise, or for swimming purposes. Their plush softness and durability make it a low-maintenance bath clothing. 

One most significant point of dry robes being expensive and must-have is their quick drying capability. It is made with microfibers that provide a larger surface area for quick drying. You can place it on an electric towel rail and enjoy it again after a few minutes. Their thread count is a loose weave that makes the towel or robe airy and breathable. 

Other than quick drying, they also provide a warmth and cozy touch to the skin. You can easily drape them around after swimming or in winter to retain the body temperature. 

You are not confined to using them post-shower; you can wear them after a swim or as a lounge or hotel wear. This versatility of bathrobes provides both style and functionality, making them a high price and must-have clothing product.

Multiple Uses Of Dry Robes

 Active Dry Robes

Dry robes can be styled in gyms post high strenuous exercises to manage your sweat. Instead of carrying an individual tracksuit and a towel, you can simply wear a bathrobe suit to get started with your exercise. This will provide both comfort due to the large room as the robes are not made fit with the body and sweat absorbing functionality. 

The dry robes provide triple functionality: before activity (to warm up your body), midway (to prevent the body from getting wet or drying), and post-activity (for warmth and comfort).  

Dry Robes For Swimming 

Following a swim or post-swim, you can wrap yourself in a warm and quick dry robe to protect yourself from the cold chill. The soft plush quickly helps the body to regain its average body temperature. 

Dry Robes For the Bathroom 

Dry robes make the best choice when it comes to post-bath experience. Draping yourself in a lightweight, quick-dry bathrobe dries your body off and makes you feel warm and cozy. Its gentle touch further adds to the luxury effect. 

Loungewear Dry Robes 

Loungewear dry robes are often kimono bathrobes styled to provide a complete cover while you are in your lounge. You can style yourself in 100% cotton waffle bathrobes instead of wearing a proper dress. They are primarily designed to provide true relaxation.  Loungewear bathrobes are often front open, with belt, hood, and pocket style gowns to provide convenience.  

Hotel Bathrobes 

Hotel bathrobes are a staple of luxury hospitality, providing true comfort and relaxation to the guest. For maximum warmth, they are typically crafted with highly absorbent and lightweight fabric, such as Turkish cotton or bamboo fiber. 

These hotel bathrobes are not just for a bath experience, but you can also wear them as regular hotel wear while watching a movie, having a coffee, or reading a book. Soft and plush bathrobes make the hotel experience more indulgent and convenient. 

Beach Robe

Dry robes can be used after a dive at the beach. You can drape it and enjoy sunbathing without getting a tan. Bathrobes provide warmth and protect your body from scorching sun rays and harsh sand. Unlike beach towels, it provides complete luxury by providing multiple ways to enhance the convenience while you are having adventurous beach visits. 

Travel Blanket 

Dry robes can also be used while traveling. Instead of getting dressed in tight clothes, you can simply wear a travel bathrobe with pajamas to enjoy a comfortable yet convenient ride.

Are dry robes worth it

How Much Does A Good Bath Robe Cost? 

A good quality bathrobe cost ranges from $50 to $100. However, high-quality bathrobes with good gsm might cost you more than $100. 

High-price bathrobes usually belong to premium brands that craft their bathrobes with Turkish cotton, cashmere, or high-quality silk. However, high prices only sometimes assure quality bathrobes; certain things must be checked before investing high money. 

What Factors Are Necessary To Check Before Making A Choice? 

Before making a purchase, it is essential to consider the following factors:

  • Fabric quality
  • Absorbency¬†
  • Drying efficiency¬†
  • Durability¬†
  • Cost¬†
  • Color retention¬†
  • Softness¬†
  • Lightweight¬†
  • Easy maintenance¬†

Are Dry Robes Worth It- Final Verdict 

Now that we have discovered all the significance of bathrobes, bathrobes are worth the money. Their plus touch, highly absorbent material, and durability determine their price. However, several bathrobe alternatives in the market offer a lower price range with the same quality as a high price dry robe costs. 

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